Welcome to the Website for the Slimbridge Summer Skittle League. The season runs from May until September each year, with all games played at Slimbridge Royal British Legion.

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The 2018 Slimbridge Summer Skittle League will again be sponsored by Marstons Brewery.
The League welcomes Current and New Teams alike for the Season

For the forthcoming season there have been some minor changes to the format

All games are played at Slimbridge Royal British Legion under ALL IN SKITTLE RULES. Teams consist of 8 players, which can be formed from any combination of Male and/or Female members. Games are played in 2 halves of 4-players each half, The points system has changed with 2-points awarded for winning each leg; a further 2-points for winning a half, plus an additional 4-points for winning the overall game; totalling 40-points per game.

The season will commence in May and concludes at the end of August; the will be 8 teams competing, the league welcoming new team in the Alley Gators.

Can I ask teams to ensure they put the correct player name on their result sheet as there has been one instance where the wrong name was stated for a player (who was subsequently top scorer). Also if you could put the Christian name as it looks better in any reports.

For any queries during the season please contact Peter Hill.

The Website has been updated with the Roll of Honour and Final Standings added from the very first season back in 1976 upto last season. To see the Roll of Honour CLICK HERE; to view the Final standings CLICK HERE.



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